Stay away from people who say that you can not slay until you buy a lot of clothes. Let me tell you that styling is a smarter way of re-using and buying clothes. 

Hi, I am Shivanshi Bhatia, and our Bespoken team is dedicated to adding value to your styling style and make you look more you. 

So Celebrate who you are and we are here with some hacks on how to do it in a budget-friendly manner. 

1. Carry an accessory to complete your look

I would personally suggest you buy two must-have wardrobe-essentials. 

The first one is a silver neckpiece, and the second one is a golden neckpiece. 

Remember the rules ladies, keep it simple and stylish

Adding minimalistic accessories will never let you down. Unlike your impulse buying decisions. 

2. Keep outfit in your mind while buying

So you saw this marvelous top online, and you could not stop yourself from ordering it. The top arrived, and you are felicitous, and you are planning to wear it on your next date. Amazing right??

You are getting ready for your date and unable to find a matching bottom. Disappointed by your decision you instead wore an old top.

Learning- Never buy a product, instead shop for a look. 

You will save hundreds of dollars if you follow this approach of shopping. 


3. Choose the right bag

Ever felt the need for 60-70 extra pockets in your jeans??? (Okay Okay. I know that it is an exaggerated number, but no girl would mind some extra space in her jeans pockets). 

Things like lipstick, mascara, sanitary pad, metro card, wallet, and how can I not mention pepper spray….so much needed, right? You name it, and we have it in our Doraemon’s pocket.

If you think your look is incomplete without a purse. Then let me tell you this. You are right. It’s a need and a want. 

The right bag will make you look complete with your styling statement. Here are two bags that are a must-have for every girl out there. 

4. Black sneakers

Did you know that your shoes are the first thing people subconsciously notice about you? And in a study conducted at the University of Kansas, researchers found that people make predictions about an individual’s personality traits based solely on the type of shoes they wear.

Woooh!! So wear nice shoes. It’s important. 

These basic black sneakers are not only comfortable but will make you rock in every look. 

5. Have a bottom that goes well with several tops

See shopping as an investment, and you will never get confused while making buying decisions. A must-have in your wardrobe is blue jeans, which go well with all upper wear styles. 

And what can be better than denim jeans from Levi’s? 




Do share your favorite clothing hack in the comments below.