Be your own muse
A muse is generally referred to a woman, who as mythology symbolises muses as the 9 goddesses who had the gift of the gab in the realm of art, literature, and the science of worldly knowledge. At Bespoken the Muse refers to the goddess of style. The Goddess who has a self expression like her self composed melody. The melody gets expressed while celebrating her true individuality in its own swing, mood and glory. Come let's celebrate and listen to your un heard melody. So as you be spoken about. Let the goddess within say something with her second skin without saying a word. It's the music others can see it in your eyes and your form divine. Let's celebrate the un heard melody bespoken without the words. Because words don't really communicate what you want to really want to say. It's in you being who you are in your second skin to brings your authentic self expression...the choices you make to adorn your form your shape your lines and your skin which makes the invisible visible and visible invisible in its mystery.

What is bespoke design? Well, anything bespoke is “custom made”, “made to order”. It's anything that has been designed specifically with you in mind, a product that has been created and crafted to meet you or your companies specific needs. At Bespoken we try to first know your mind and then begin the search basis your body shape your body type, your style what you value, and the occasion you would like to dress up for. So what are we waiting for... create your style statement now to discover your authentic bespoke identity.


Bespoken is the outcome of who you are as an authentic self and you create your self-expression with the bespoke outfits that you as a result be spoken about as to who you really are by your tribe.

Be your own muse, follow your inner melody. Are you ready to listen to your inner song. We at bespoken help you discover your unsung melody, your unfulfilled dream, we guide you towards your chosen pathway

Welcome to the bespoken tribe.