Gone are the days when fashion was about looking fabulous at the cost of comfort. 

After spending 2020 at home we’ve gotten used to comfortable wear and are not ready to put on tight uncomfy dresses and pants yet.

That’s why the dress code for 2021 is ‘comfort.”

People’s wardrobes have changed from party dresses to loungewear. And this trend is here to stay.

Now that we’re ready to go out and get back to our normal routine, we’re looking forward to keeping the trend going by keepin’ it comfy.

2021 trends for your comfortable wear

Here are some major 2021 trends for comfortable wear to keep you stylish yeh comfy when you head out.

Athleisure and Loungewear

We saw many fashion bloggers and influencers styling up athleisure and loungewear and giving us ideas to look fabulous at home. And now that we’re ready to go out, we don’t want to give up comfort. Joggers and sweatpants are trending everywhere. Whether you’re going to get groceries or traveling to another city, this trend can make your shopping or airport look.


Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses with relaxed silhouettes are designed for all kinds of occasions. You can find a maxi dress for your brunch date and one for that special evening. This classic trend is likely to stay for this season as well. 







Culottes and palazzos

What do you wear when you’re bored of joggers but still not ready to wear pants? You go for palazzos or culottes. These bottoms can be styled to pair up with different kinds of tops to make trendy yet comfy outfits. 

Author’s style tip: What personally works best for me is having solid pairs of culottes that I style with different tops and make outfits for different occasions. You can find me wearing the same pair of culottes while shopping or at a party and you may never realise!



Wide leg pants

This is another great option for when you want to dress up stylishly and yet keep it comfy. For those who love wearing denim but are looking for something more comfortable, wide leg jeans and pants are for you.






Oversized Silhouettes 

Be it a loose shirt or an oversized blazer, oversized silhouettes bring comfort in style. When it comes to buying oversized silhouettes, you can either get an oversized clothing meant for your size or buy a few sizes up to make any shirt, blazer or sweatshirt oversized. 

And you always have the option to just steal your man’s shirt!

Check out this solid white oversized shirt that you can pair with any bottom to make a great outfit!


And how can we forget

Face Masks

Face masks have become a fashion accessory more than a necessity now. You can find face masks in all colours, patterns and prints to match your outfit for the occasion. Almost all clothing brands are now designing them. 

And honestly, there is no such thing as too many face masks. Keep adding more to your collection so you have at least one for all your outfits.

Check out this set of pretty floral face masks to go with your casual outfits.


Comment below to let know what’s your favourite comfortable wear trend!