Alina's new discovery this season


Welcome to Earthsongs, where every thread tells a story of nature, tradition, and sustainable fashion. Our ethos is rooted in the belief that fashion should not only look good but also do good – for the planet and its people. Join us as we explore the collaborative journey of Earthsongs, where design, influence, and style converge for a cause.


Anuja's Prologue

“Design is not just about creating beautiful garments. It’s about weaving the story of our Earth into every fabric.” – Anuja Goel Founder Earth Songs

The Design Philosophy
At Earthsongs, our design philosophy is deeply intertwined with nature. We believe in creating fashion that respects the environment, using sustainable materials and traditional techniques that celebrate our rich heritage.

understated elegance

the ensemble exemplifies the beauty that lies in simplicity—a timeless look that doesn’t demand attention but instead, earns it quietly.

Rooted Radiance

Embracing heritage with a modern twist, from the sun-kissed terracotta pants to the bloom of a handcrafted crimson necklace.

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