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What is a Lounge wear and what outfits are considered as lounge wear?

Lounge wear is what we call our favourite comfy, casual and relaxed clothes. you may have them in your closet like t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, jogger pants, sweat pants, sweat shirts and other coordinates that you can mix and match whenever you want. Earlier lounge wear were used to be constructed with a slouchy, laid back appearance, but modern ones are more sophisticated and well tailored. So you can walk out your apartment door without looking too slouchy.

Just in case if you were not aware, lounge wear is not the same as sleepwear.

Lounge wear is comfy clothing in which one can lounge. This type of clothing can be worn to sleep but it is primarily intended for lounging around the house and occasionally being worn outside.

A major appeal of lounge wear is its versatility and comfort.(Although some people may classify lounge wear as sleepwear it is important to note that lounge wear and sleepwear are technically different). And yes lounge wear can be worn to sleep but also as active wear during exercise and other day to day activities.

Beige Lounge

Lounge wear are often portrayed cosily draped in their tracksuits as to finish their desk work in the wee hours of the day. There’s nothing embarrassing wearing an easy breezy ensemble that keeps you Comfy!

Versatile Loungewear

There’s something grounded and convenient about lounge wear that makes it an effortless pick with regards to your house-clothes. Its effortless, yet not too clumsy to make you feel boring. Some lounge wear can even go nicely with you other casual clothing like those cool solid linen shirts and kurtas.

What lounge wear is right for you and how can you start a lounge line?

Well, any and all of it, that are cool, comfy, relaxed and stylish too.

Start things off with the right size t-shirts – soft, luxe and totally ready to cuddle up with. When things get chilly, throw on a sweatshirt to make sure you’re optimal temperature for streaming all of your favourite shows. Easy shorts are just that easy, breezy and matching lounge wear sets are great for those who like to coordinate.

indoor outdoor

Don’t forget to stock up on comfortable lounge pants and slippers that are not only great for lounging and good nights sleep but for lazy sundays too.


What are the basic essentials for men in lounge wear?

For a perfect lounge wear its more about the fabric, fit and feel also the key essentials to keep in mind before you go out for shopping.

  • Robe

A good fitted solid sexy robe is the first essential in lounge wear. Like all other outfit even the robe looks great with the right fit. It is the perfect option to keep yourself a little modest but also very difficult to stay modest and hang out in just the robe when in a group.

You can only wear the robe when you are alone or with your partner, having your own quality time.

  • A sexy underwear

    As a dude we have got different styles of underwears. Some are kind of like our regular ones, we wear them on when we are not feeling good and other underwear are higher-end, luxurious or the dressy underwear to impress your girl and feel sexy. These high-end underwear’s are more supple, loft, specially those seamless ones with no band underneath and if find any under wear that is made of micro model air fabric which are available in brands like Damensch and Freecultr.

  • Sleep Pants

    So you got your robe, you got your good pair of undies but I get it, you meet somebody for the first time you are chilling out with them for the second time you are not exactly super comfortable with, you probably need to wear something a bit more modest that’s where comes the third lounge wear essential sleep pants.

    Never buy the funny cute ones, they are horrible and not your cup of tea if you want to look cool and sexy. Go with something solid with drawstrings that are best and if you are looking for something to wear in winters go for the thermal inspired sleep pants or the sweat jogger pants.

  • T-shirts

    A great t-shirt with a soft and supple fabric is definitely a good option to pair up with your lounge pants and the tank tops are also a good option to pair with the jogger pants. Again always get only the good quality ones that are soft, stretchy and holds the colours really well.

    Basic plains are always classic, as they are simple yet fashionable when paired right.

  • Footwear

    You have got your sexy robe, cool undies, casual relaxed pants and tees, your look for lounging is set but what about the footwear. That is where comes the last essential for lounge wear i.e. footwear.

    So if want to take your lounge wear to the next level, then go grab a pair of slippers and fresh new pair of socks to flaunt your fashion sense.

Lounge wear for your office meetings

Office Lounge

After pandemic since most of us are working from home and doing lot of video call interactions and meetings. We cant always wear that formal shirt day long and be ready for the meeting while lounging around in the house. You need something classic yet fashionable shirts that are comfy and relaxed, also decent at same time.

The classic city shorts in good solids with cool cotton shirts that are neither too loose nor too fitted, are always a good option. Another best option for the zoom meetings are the linens. A good pair of relaxed ankle fit pants and regular fitted shirts with classic or mandarin collars can look good and fashionable too and if you show the indianness you, then can wear kurtas that are of mostly solids, self strips or checks and even those minimal prints paired up with the ankle pants can charm your look. Why specifically linens because they are suitable for all weather conditions, comfortable yet rich in looks.


Hope you have understood the lounge wear better than before now. So what are you waiting for, go upgrade your lounge wear collection in your wardrobe.