The Beauty Of Architecture Lies In The Past

“Architecture is about trying to make the world a little bit more like our dreams”                   – Bjarke Ingels

When old and new architecture are joined creatively, the results are dazzling. Architecture, both modern and historical, have their own beauty; but it’s no secret that historic architecture has its own charm. When these two beautiful worlds of old and new come together, the outcome can be awe-inspiring.

Architecture is a story beautifully woven into spaces. Each piece has a timeless elegance that never fades. When we open the doors of the past, what we find are stories. Stories that make you wonder what historic scenes these architectural pieces must have witnessed.

One such part that intrigues us is the furniture. Each has a distinct character, speaking volumes about the past. Having one of these pendulously elegant pieces is like witnessing the reincarnation of a chapter from the history of our land. So many secrets, emotions and mysteries these beautiful pieces are carrying within themselves.

Spaces with elements of history and heritage pack in a whole lot of character that exudes oodles of timeless appeal. A piece of architecture that is replete with collectables and belongings, handed down from generations, reflects a sense of style that is deeply rooted in our history. Owning a piece of architecture from the past is an emotion in itself.

Antique furniture is something that catches the attention of the eye first. You can make a statement with absolute royal antique belongings that will give a more traditional look to your otherwise simple and modern home.

People often believe that the architecture of their home or project should be new, something which has never been seen before. Architecture doesn’t solve problems; it creates problems. We keep inventing, leaving the old behind as pieces of junk. The future of architecture lies in the past. Reusing the doors is suitable for sustainability and restoration. Also, it is a beautiful piece added to your house, a wonderful win-win situation.

Art’eque brings you ‘Jade Collection Vintage Furniture. This exclusive collection is any interior savvy’s dream come true. You can find a galore of beautiful vintage furniture ranging from amazing vintage wall decore and Garden benches to intricately carved tables- All in Jade! Why jade, you ask?

Jade symbolises calmness and purity. Hope, energy, knowledge, and generosity is radiated from this opulent and saturated shade. Having an antique piece from the Jade Collection will immerse you in a luxurious and traditional visual as well as an emotional experience.

Invest in the high-quality antique furniture that gives you the nostalgia of Mewari, Rajput, Gujarati, and Kerala architecture.

Such additions can add galore to the project details and spike up your décor taste that excels in elegance and grace. Why not harken back to the centuries-old marvel décor pieces to imbue every corner of your project with traces of our glorious history!

Open the doors to the past and experience luxury like never before!

on Friday,19th March we invite you for a Live Preview of some of the most fascinating vintage furniture for the first time at Bespoken. This event is curated by F.A.D with Art’eque

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