Past few weeks the Bespoken style curators in the U.S, U.K, India, and the Far East have been building your style genre based on a linguistic ontology that is built on the fundamental belief that your words create your world. And your world of fashion can be depicted by your choices that define your values, your style imagery, and your aspiration to show up on some important occasions.

What is your Style Genre?

Style Genre is the type of style that resonates with your persona, values, and cultural context that gives you your true self-expression. It communicates about you even before you begin to open your mouth.

Each of us has a world view and your style genre is its reflection in the way you dress up for your occasion. It’s in our culture and in our minds all the time which also sometimes changes with time. Sometimes we can help you change with a new awareness about your true self.

So do you know about your personal style statement which is a personification of your worldview? 

At Bespoken using the power of your linguistic ability by just asking you a couple of questions with a visual aid, we help your articulate your style statement.

Some of our clients feel it is magical. the words they used were – bang on! that’s me. And how come i never saw it that way earlier.

So How Does your style statement works?

When you create your style statement at Bespoken, the algorithm is trained to do a visual search of the questions you answer. It then matches those stimuli against what is available as per your style genre. Alina – your AI stylist learns your style and curates a collection by crawling millions of images across Brands, Local and International  Designers, that have a high probability to match your style. So let’s step back and see how she curates for the client whose style statement is depicted as Royal & Heavenly just as an illustration. :

Just answer five visual aided questions and see your style statement depicted by Alina your AI Stylist. Your Journey to discover your true authentic self actually begins with these words that could actually create your world.

gold goddess

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace

style genre

Alina -Your AI stylist now gets on work to give you the best available for your style genre.

Here is one of the outcomes for the style statement – Royal & Heavenly which is best described by the words – Dive, Gold Goddess, and Fancy. The images below are created at the Design wolf studio for each body shape and curated by Alina as matched to your style genre using cutting-edge technology.


The secret about dressing up well is not about your size but about how do you flatter whatever shape you own.

It’s well described in the blog the wine glass and the art of dressing.

So for a rectangle body shape, the trick is to create a well-defined waist and Alina has picked the style for you which has a high-waisted belt that does the work seamlessly.

For the pear shape body type, Alina has personalized style advice while it belongs to the same style genre, and that’s what makes this application unique and effective.

What is common among the famous Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, or America Ferrera. They are all pear shape celebrities. Still, deciding if you have a pear body type? well create your style statement and you can find out your body shape instantly using our body shape calculator by just answering I don’t know my body shape. Check out what Alina has curated as an ideal dress for the pear-shaped. See the Image to your right.


The dress above for the pear-shaped is designed with a dramatic neckline that catches the eye and completes the look flawlessly.

If you’d describe yourself as a “curvy gal,” this section is for you.

From professional to casual to special-occasion options, the Dress suggested by Alina for the hourglass is the most flattering one flattering one.

Hour Glass

This is how to balance out a broad shoulder:

Inverted Triangle

When you look great, you feel great—and the key is dressing for your unique body frame. Alina has mastered this art and science, especially how to highlight an inverted triangle body simply by choosing her right dress like this one on your left.

The dress is stylised to have a  volumizing effect that fills out your hips and thighs.

So whats Alina Secret, that you should know she does three things right:


The body shape is almost entirely based on your bone structure—not your weight. Use your outfit to balance your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips.

2. Draw the eye:

Alina has the knack for Using lines to focus the eye where you want it to go. They can help you create curves, lengthen, or emphasize your favorite parts of your body.

3. Use color blocking to your advantage

Your eye is also drawn to patterns and light, bright colors more so than solid black. Check the print she has selected for this dress, Keep this in mind also when choosing separates.

So would you like to now create your style statement and begin your discovery?

What are you waiting for? create your words before others create them for you